Activate Subscribtion

Only use this service if you subscribe to the Alpha Dot standard or premium subscription service and wish to add a vehicle to one of your Alpha Dot kits and receive your certificate.

We already know who you are from the Alpha Dot PIN number, so this option only allows you to add a vehicle to an existing registered Alpha Dot PIN. A Certificate of registration will be emailed only to the registered subscriber.

Home kits are activated automatically from your subscription, you do not need to provide further information if you are ONLY using a home kit - and not adding a vehicle.

Thank You

Once we have verified your request we will add the vehicle details to the Alpha Dot PIN you submitted and email you a certificate of registration, usually within 24 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: the email address we will use to send your certificate will be the one we currently hold for you.

To activate another vehicle click here, to go back to the Alpha Dot main site click here.