New Registration

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You are marking and registering an item for the first time.

Ownership Transfer

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You have acquired a vehicle or other item that is already marked with Alpha Dots and you would like to register it in your name. There is a one-off administration fee for this service of £15.

Subscribers Activation

Activate Subscription

If you are already a subscriber and would like to add an item or vehicle to one of your kits, use this button.

Your PIN can be found on your Alpha Dot dispenser and also on your PIN reminder card.

If you cannot find your PIN number go to my account where you can also order a duplicate certificate or change your details.

You will need to register (for FREE) on the Alpha Dot Traceline system once you have purchased your packs.

After registering you will then be sent a certificate of registration.

Many insurance companies offer discounts for customers who mark their property, particularly for vehicle and motorcycle insurance. Check with your insurer or broker for the saving you can make.

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