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  • Deters theft
  • Approved by the Police
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What is Alpha Dot?

Alpha Dots are tiny microdots – just 1mm in diameter – printed with a unique PIN (Personal Identification Number) registered to you.

When applied to your valuables, if they are lost or stolen, the police can return them to you as soon as they are recovered.

Each Alpha Dot pot contains over a thousand of these tiny microdots that can be used to secure and protect every part of a wide range of items.

When Alpha Dot marked property is recovered by the police, it’s easy to find the rightful owner.
Power Tools
Computer Equipment
Antiques & Artworks
Garden Equipment
Outboard Motors
Mobile Devices

How do Alpha Dots work?

The dots come in an easy-to-use glue filled applicator and are simply painted onto your valuables with a small brush. Once applied, the glue is virtually impossible to remove and will last a lifetime, even in the most severe weather conditions.

Your marked items are then registered free on the TRACELINE national database, making it easy to identify the owner of any recovered stolen property.

It’s simple but clever – police only have to find ONE dot to find the owner or make a conviction, the thief has to find ALL the dots you have applied to be safe from prosecution.

If you move house or change your contact details, you don’t need to remove the dots – just update the database. For FREE.

Two ways to get Alpha Dot protection

Buy Single Kits

From only £24.99
Choose a Kit

For a one-off item, select your kit and buy now.

The home kit contains enough dots to mark at least 40 household items. Vehicle kits protect one vehicle.

Your marked items are protected for as long as you own them. Updating your contact details at any time is FREE.


Just £2 a month or £24 annually
Subscribe Now

Our subscription service costing £2 per month, or £24 annually, provides you with; up to 4 Alpha Dot kits to protect your home, car and/or motorcycle; certificates of registration for your insurance company, a selection of highly visible warning labels to deter theft. Another additional Alpha Dot kit of your choice every year and provision of evidence to aid conviction.

If you change your vehicle every year or two, or you regularly have new purchases to protect, subscription is a great option. Minimum subscription is two years and includes the registration service. Updating your contact details at any time is FREE.