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Finding and tracing with Alpha dot

Over 500,000 people protect their possessions with Alpha Dot.

We access the registration database 7 days a week at the Police's request.

When an alpha dot is found the Police can contact the owner immediately without the need for forensic analysis.

The Alpha Dot system is, by intent, covert and difficult to find. However, the adhesive used to secure the microdots in place does have a UV component, making them show-up more easily with a black or UV light source.


Please contact us with the PIN and we will search the database for the registered owner details.

[email protected]

Report a loss or theft

If you are an Alpha Dot customer all your items and associated PINs are recorded on the Alpha Dot database.

Help the Police help you. Every Alpha Dot has its own unique PIN recorded on our database. By reporting a theft, your PIN or PINs will be flagged as being associated with a theft.

To report a marked item as lost or stolen please contact us with details of loss or theft - either email us here giving us details of the circumstances, your name and contact details and crime number if you have it and including your PIN if you know it. Or fill in the form below:

We will update your record to show this item is flagged as missing.


Please fill in the below form to report the theft of a Alpha Dot marked item.

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